Welcome to Incidious

We are an elite private social engineering/warranty exploitation community working on a tier based ranking system. We have SE methods ranging from $100-$250,000! If you think you belong to the best don't wait any longer and sign-up & apply for our lowest tier called Novice, its free!

Forum Rules

Forum Rules

  • 1. Be respectful to all fellow members. Especially staff. Disrespecting staff will lead to a suspension or even a ban.

  • 2. No leaking. We take leaking very seriously. Any proof of you leaking will be a ban on the spot and maybe other actions as well.

  • 3. Talking about any NSFW topic in any section but the dedicated one is not allowed. Also make sure you stick to the rules for the NSFW section as well.

  • 4. We allow doxing talk but doxing other users is not permitted. Carding is strictly forbidden (even discussion).

  • 5. If you get scammed by anyone don't take it in your own hands. Contact the staff team with proof.

  • 6. Hate speech, religious prejudice, homophobic language and swearing is not allowed.

  • 7. We dont mind banter but know your limits. You aren't kids.

  • 8. Leeches are not welcome here. If we see you using our content consistently and not giving you will be suspended/banned.

  • 9. Method sales are not allowed due to the volatility and amount of problems they cause.

  • 10. The minimum age of our users is 16 for safety of users and security of our site.

  • 11. You must post in correct tiers and follow guidelines. Failure to do so will lead to a warning and possibly a ban if continued.

  • 12. You are not allowed to save or copy methods and resources unless stated otherwise, breaking this rule will result in an instant ban and other actions will be taken if deemed necessary.

  • 13. You are not allowed to act in a disrespectful way towards applicants, stay professional no matter what.

  • 14. No advertising of other sites or groups. Doing so will result in a warning followed by a ban.

  • 15. You are not allowed to spam profile posts.

  • 16. By being a part of our site you agree with our terms and rules automatically.

  • 17. We can change the terms and rules at any given time and under any circumstances.
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